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Hi, I’m Nat, a certified Yoga and Yin Yoga Teacher from Melbourne, Australia. I teach beginner friendly yoga to all levels, with a focus on helping those people who feel they need yoga, but are hesitant to try for whatever reason that may be.

When I first thought about practicing yoga as a beginner, I was very hesitant to give it a go. I had many preconceived ideas about people who did yoga (fit, flexible, vegetarian, spiritual) and it didn’t seem like something I could do if I didn’t fit the stereotype.

Nevertheless, I was going through a stressful time of uncertainty in my life and the prospect of feeling calmer and less anxious was enough to finally give in and try it.

I soon fell in love with yoga because it opened me up to a space where I could find peace and calm within myself.

As I developed a regular practice I often found myself drawn to yoga classes outside of a yoga studio. It always felt more relaxed, friendly and community-like.

I really felt uncomfortable with the way yoga was portrayed in the media because it was, (partly unknowingly), feeding that stereotype that only thin, young and flexible females can do yoga.

When I started teaching yoga I knew I had to make sure I could reach people who needed the benefits of yoga, but would not normally come to yoga. This is why I teach all levels yoga with a strong focus on being beginner friendly.

My yoga teaching career began in Melbourne primary schools teaching yoga, mindfulness, self-regulation and emotional awareness (I am also a qualified school teacher so this environment was quite natural for me). Not long after, I began teaching adults yoga classes because I realised the amazing life skills I was teaching children were the very skills many of us adults never had the chance to learn.

I now teach a mixture of live online and in person yoga classes to adults and I am always looking to add more classes. You can see more about my classes by clicking the button below.

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